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Teaching with Film


Moving Image has a complex and dense language of its own - one that we have all learned to 'read' even if we're not necessarily aware of our own skills.

This growing selection of short films has been devised to help break down the codes and conventions of moving images, especially those we often take for granted. The section on Film Techniques looks specifically at the process of filmmaking and how the choice of camera shots can affect our interpretation of a film's action, while an Introduction to Editing analyses the role of an editor in shaping the narrative of a scene. With the help of expert commentary and examples from our archive, Understanding Filmsg飞艇真人直播 takes a closer look at the elements that contribute to the texture of a film such as music and its opening credits.

These films are suitable for teachers looking for support with embedding film in their teaching, for students who want to learn more about how meaning is created in film, and for more general audiences who are keen to develop their understanding of film language.

Still from A Day in the Life of a Coalminer (1910)



Film TechniquesFilm Techniques
Introduction to EditingIntroduction to Editing
Understanding FilmUnderstanding Film
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