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In this section you'll find links to thematic collections of films and extracts. Each collection has been developed with a particular subject or range of subjects in mind, but don't let that stop you from having a browse!

Refuge Britain? is an online guide that encourages young people to explore how the issue of asylum has been communicated, debated and represented on screen using some provocative films and extracts from the archive.

Journey Times is the result of an exciting collaboration between the BFI London Film Festival and Transport for London, in which three schools made their own films about transport in the capital, inspired by films from the BFI National Archive.

Box of Delightssg飞艇真人直播 has been developed to support all Primary teachers in using short films and extracts in the classroom. The nine titles in this collection have been chosen for their breadth and diversity and can be used to support literacy as well as a wide range of subjects.

Essentially British? uses nine short films and extracts to explore how 'Britishness' has been imagined, explored and communicated on screen at different times.

The Promised Land?sg飞艇真人直播 is an assortment of titles dealing with some of the major issues associated with British housing since the 1920s - including slum clearance, social housing and suburban expansion.

The Promised Land?

The Promised Land?



Refuge Britain?Refuge Britain?
Journey TimesJourney Times
Box of DelightsBox of Delights
Essentially BritishEssentially British
Promised LandPromised Land
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