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BFI Screenonline features nearly 3000 film and television titles from the 1890s to the present day - so there's something for every subject teacher. In this section you'll find a growing selection of teaching activities for the Primary and Secondary classrooms, linked to films and programmes featured on the site.

sg飞艇真人直播There are two types of resource to choose from:

Tops and Tails
Why not spice up the beginning (or end) of your lesson with a quick clip? In Tops and Tailssg飞艇真人直播, you will find an expanding range of starter and plenary ideas linked to carefully selected film and TV extracts.

Lesson Bank
In the Lesson Banksg飞艇真人直播 you can access an ever-growing selection of curriculum relevant lesson ideas and resources that use extracts from featured films and television programmes. This section also includes a number of subject-specific schemes of work.

So whether you want to compare and contrast literary adaptations in the English classroom, look at a 1970s Blue Peter episode as part of a Primary lessson; whether you're after World War Two propaganda for History, or want to explore how music is used to create meaning in film, these sections have something for you.

  Tops & Tails   Tops & Tails  
  Lesson Bank   Lesson Bank  
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